The Top Model Europe competition is organized by SPRL Europe Events, registered with the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises under number BE0687471563 / . Each National Committee, throughout Europe, organizes castings selections on its territory, in compliance with the methodological model approved by Top Model Europe.

The photos, logos, texts and videos of the website may not be used without authorization in any case. Any unauthorized use will be considered abusive and shall incur the liability of the user as well as legal proceedings with claim for compensation.

Article 1 - Participation and duration

The fact of participating in the contest implies the full acceptance of the regulation.

The TOP MODEL EUROPE contest is open to any person aged from 14 to 32 years maximum, unless the organiser has granted exceptional derogation. When the candidate has not reached the age of 16 years, a parental consent is mandatory.

The contest begins on the day of the selection and ends when the names of the winners are announced.

The Organiser reserves the right to shorten, modify,extend, suspend, interrupt or cancel the contest or any step of the contest, without prior notice, without his liability being incurred and thus without any right of counterparties whatsoever for the benefit of the candidate.

Article 2 - Remuneration

The participation of the candidate in the contest is at no time compensated by a salary.

Article 3 - Steps of the contest

The competition TOP MODEL EUROPE consists of 4 steps:

1. Online registration:

Online registration on the website is mandatory to participate in the competition.

2. The selection - Vote of the Jury and the public

Candidates are evaluated by the jury. The evaluation is made, according to the choice of the organizer, on the basis of one of the following options: presentation during a casting, presentation during a video conference, presentation through a video recorded by the candidate. The jury's vote is supplemented by a public vote via the competition website and/or social networks. Voting is free and each visitor can vote once for each model during a period determined by the organizer.

3. The Semi-Final:

The semi-final will take place with or without an audience. The Top Model Europe committee will choose, among the categories of the competition, the models that will take part in the Grand Finale.

4. The Grand Finale (Designers Fashion Show):

The finalists take part in the fashion show of the grand finale with European fashion designers, in front of the public and the jury. The winners of the competition will be nominated during this event, afterwards, or during an other event, public or private, if planned by the organiser.

Article 4 - Qualification and disqualification

At each step of the contest, the candidates will be evaluated by the Top Model Europe Committee and/or a jury that decides which candidates are selected to participate in the next step. The organising committee and/or the jury of the competition rules supremely on the qualification and disqualification of the candidates and has no obligation to justify its descision. The organizing committee may also rule at any time on the qualification or elimination of a candidate during the entire period of the contest.

Article 5 - Prizes for winners

The prizes for the winners of the TOP MODEL EUROPE contest will consist of items allowing the winners to begin their career as a model in the fashion and/or advertising world. The creation of a portfolio, the participation in a fashion Week in Europe and/or abroad, meetings with some agencies and/or partners of the fashion community, training, individual coaching, are examples of what can be offered to the winners. Prizes won by the winners cannot be exchanged in cash or other benefits. The prizes are personal and may not be sold to third parties under any circumstances.

Article 6 - Exclusive Participation in the competition

Candidates may not participate in any other contests for models or beauty contest such as Miss, Mister or register in a model agency without the written consent of the organizer during the duration of the contest. The organiser will conduct an investigation into the seriousness of the agency before responding positively or negatively to the applicant's request.

Article 7 - Participation costs

During the contest, the candidate does not have to search for sponsors and is not subject to any obligation to purchase products or services which may be proposed by the Organiser or its partners.

To take part in the competition, candidates must pay an entry fee of €39 for European Union countries, £35 for the United Kingdom and CHF50 for Switzerland. Payment must be made online, by credit card, via the competition website. In order to meet the many costs incurred by the Organizer in organizing the competition, each candidate who successfully completes the selection test also agrees to pay a fee contribution fee TME (contribution to event organization costs Top Model Europe). This is set at €65. The contribution fee fee will be charged to candidates who pass the selection test and are invited to take part in the semi-final, step 3a/official photo and/or 3b/training.

The contribution fee website enables the organizer to offer free of charge (this list is not exhaustive and is given for information only):

  • A gift voucher worth 200 euros with one of our photographers, who are official partners
  • The publication of your photo on the Top Model Europe website
  • Free public voting on the Top Model Europe website
  • Participation in the semi-final for selected models.
  • Coaching for semi-finalist models
  • The participation of the finalists in the grand finale show with designers
  • Models' coaching for finalists
  • A photo shoot of the finalists
  • Meeting with the fashion designers
  • Hairstyle and makeup for finalists
  • A free access to all the pictures of the grand finale show
  • The video of the grand finale
  • Prizes for the winners
The registration and contribution fees are not in any case exchangeable or refundable.

Article 8 - Accidents and damage

In no means will the organiser be held accountable for any accidents, costs, direct or indirect damages which may occur during or after the participation in the contest. Similarly, the organizer of the contest will not be held accountable for any direct or indirect damage that occurred during the selection, semi-final show, grand finale show, coachings or any other related activities. If the contest is to be postponed, cancelled, interrupted in whole or in part for reasons beyond the control of the organiser, the organiser will not accept liability of any kind whatsoever.

Article 9 - Image Right and BROADCASTING

The candidate takes part voluntarily in the TOP MODEL EUROPE contest. He solemnly declares that he accepts the fact that his image and/or his voice will be, photographed, recorded and filmed during the TOP MODEL EUROPE contest, from the day of the selection until the winners are announced. He also states that he is aware that his image and/or voice can be fixed at any time and in any context during the whole period of the contest. The candidate declares to be fully aware and informed beforehand of the fact that all the sound and/ or visual recordings can lead to one or various broadcasts and be made publicly available. He also declares to be aware that : his image and/ or his voice can be “”fixed”” at any time under every circumstances during the whole period of the competition. The candidate declares to be fully aware and informed beforehand of the fact that all the sound and/ or visual recordings can lead to one or various broadcasts and be made publicly available. Therefore the candidate gives the organiser every right to : record and fix his voice and / or image, to reproduce, to modify, to adapt and broadcast, without any limitation of number, partially or totally on any device known or unknown to this day and in any format and in particular the right to digitalize, to reproduce, the right to release, to distribute and communicate to the public, by any means such as television broadcasting, networks or any other telecommunication systems (such as terrestrial or digitalize channels, internet, cable, satellite, 3G). The candidate grants the right to use by any means known or unknown for every secondary or derivative right particularly on paper medias ( such as press, posters, magazines, books) audio and video materials ( such as K7, video, DVD, CD, CD Rom) and this without any remuneration// free of charge on your behalf. The candidate gives the organiser the right to reproduce, when using these recordings, his name and any other informations regarding him that he willfully decided to communicate. The assignment of rights is granted for a holding worldwide and for a period of 5 years (five years) as from the date of the selection (casting/audition). This assignment is tacitly renewable for an equivalent period, except for cancellation by registered letter, subject to 6 months ' notice before the end of each renewal period.

Article 10 - Guarantees

The candidates participation in the modelling contest TOP MODEL EUROPE 2017 involves the acceptation without any restrictions nor reserve of the present contract. The candidate accepts freely and explicitly the fact that his image and/ or voice be photographed,recorded and filmed at any moment, in any context and also in any situations said to be embarrassing or delicate during the whole period of the contest. Regarding this authorisation, the candidate waives all the rights to bring a claim against the Organiser following one or several audio and / or visual broadcastings made amongst the audience. The candidate shall not have any restrictions or reservations on the assignment of rights of personal portrayal and broadcasting mentioned in article 9 of this present regulation. In the event that a specific convention breaches one of the disposition in the present contract , it does not exclude the application of the other clauses. The fact that the organiser does not use the assigned rights can not be interpreted as a renunciation on his behalf.

Article 11 - Deposit of the Regulation

The present rules, updated and published on 01/11/23, have been submitted to a standardized electronic signature and time-stamping certified by a legal service. Reproduction, except for personal use, is prohibited.

The previous version of the rules, updated and published on 01/01/23, remains available on request by e-mail.

Article 12 - Litigation

All complaints must be sent by registered mail to the office of Europe Events. The complaint must clearly state the identity and contact details of the complainant as well as the reason for the complaint and the details of the complaint. The document must be original and signed by the complainant or his legal representative if the complainant is a minor. Europe Events will respond to any complaint received within 30 working days of receipt.

The Parties will try to settle amicably any dispute that may arise under this regulation. In case of persistent disagreement, only the courts of Brussels will be competent and only Belgian law applicable. The parties agree that the language used in these proceedings will be French.